Kern County Roads Department
2700 M Street, Suite 400
Bakersfield, California, 93301

Authority: Authority to issue Roadside Cleanup permits is provided by Division 2, Chapter 5.5, Section 1460-1470 et seq. of the California Streets and Highways Code.


Revocation/Cancellation: Roadside Cleanup permits may be revoked by the Department for noncompliance with permit provisions or for failure of the Permitee, or their representative, to adhere to direction given by a Department representative. These provisions are subject to modification or abrogation at any time. Permits may be temporarily suspended due to construction or other operations at, or within, the vicinity of the site. Permitee may cancel their permit at any time without consequence from the Department. Permitees using contractors are responsible for terminating those arrangements.


Assignment: No parties other than the Permitee, or Permitee’s authorized representatives, are allowed to work under this permit.


Permitee Responsibility: Permits are not valid until the Department’s representative has given the Permitee’s safety/crew leader a safety orientation, and, all participants have received safety training from their safety/crew leader.


Beginning of Work: Work authorized by this permit shall begin within 30 calendar days from the date of issuance, regardless of whether or not the Permitee’s Roadside Cleanup signs and/or recognition panels have been installed.


Advance Notice of Work: Permitee must notify the Department’s Roadside Cleanup Representative of their work schedule at least five days, but no more than one month, before the event.


Work Days and Hours: Work must be performed during daylight hours. If weather, or other adverse circumstances, cause decreased visibility or a public hazard, work shall immediately be discontinued. Work shall not be conducted on, or within twenty-four hours preceding, the following holidays or holiday weekends: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday, Lincoln’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Cesar Chavez’s Birthday, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Day and the day after.


Order of Encroachments: Permitee shall yield to conflicting encroachments.


Permit on Work Site: Permitee shall keep the complete permit package or a copy thereon, at the work site and show it upon request to any Department representative or law enforcement officer. All vehicles parked in the right of way shall display a copy of the permit in the windshield. Vehicles parked in the right of way without a permit may receive traffic citations.


Parking at Work Site: Participant’s personal vehicles shall not interfere with the free flow of traffic or pedestrians. Vehicles used to transport participants or materials must be located completely off the pavement and a minimum of six feet from any traffic lane. If this is not possible, participants must walk to and from the site or, if the site has a shoulder, participants can use a drop-off and pick-up arrangement.


Work Procedures: Work shall proceed in the direction facing traffic. A posted safety lookout shall be used when fellow participants are unable to watch oncoming traffic. Work shall not be performed on or within six feet from any traffic lane or on median strips. Participants shall not work on unstable or slippery ground, on slopes greater than approximately 40°, on bridges, in tunnels, or inside culverts.


Public Traffic Control: All forms of traffic control are prohibited under this permit.


Saftey Equipment: All participants shall wear safety vests, gloves while on the County right of way. Participants shall wear long pants, and hard-soled shoes or boots with ankle support.


Litter Bags: Participants shall use the Roadside Cleanup bags provided. Bags must be placed at least six feet from the edge of traffic lanes and off the paved shoulders. Bags must be placed in locations where they are not obstructing drainage and where Department maintenance staff can easily see and safely retrieve them. When possible, bags should be stacked together and/or placed 100 feet from structures. Participants may take bags of recyclables home.


Saftey Procedures for Volunteer Groups:


Designate a saftey leader: Each Permitee shall designate a safety leader to represent the group. Unless otherwise notified, the Department considers the safety leader to be the individual whose name appears on the attached encroachment permit.


Attend saftey orientation: The safety leader shall contact the Roads Department for safety orientation prior to beginning work.


Obtain saftey equipment: Safety equipment shall be issued during safety orientation. Additional equipment and litter bags may be obtained as needed during the permit period from the Roadside Cleanup representative.


Provide saftey training to all group members: The safety leader shall provide safety training for all participants before they attend a work event. Explain the permit provisions to all participants.


Conduct saftey reviews before each work event: Safety leaders shall conduct, at a minimum, a brief, off-site safety review prior to each work event. Safety leaders shall ensure that all participants are equipped with safety gear and that minors are adequately supervised.


Provide annual saftey training: Safety leaders must hold an annual safety training refresher for all participants. Safety leaders shall review and explain the Permit Provisions.


Report injuries, accidents and incidents: Report the following by the next business day: injuries resulting in an individual needing medical treatment, vehicular damage which results in an insurance claim or police report, incidents where law enforcement was contacted.


Roadside Cleanup Signs: The Department shall furnish, install, and maintain Roadside Cleanup courtesy signs and recognition panels at the cleanup site to recognize the participant’s contribution. Recognition panels shall be in accordance with Department guidelines entitled “Recognition Panel Guidelines”. The Roadside Cleanup program shall not be a forum for advertisement or public discourse.


Use of contractors to perform work: Contact the Roads Department for additional requirements if you wish to hire contractors to perform clean up events.


Permits from Other Agencies: Permit is only valid if Permitee has obtained all necessary permits required by law, including Cal-OSHA, the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California (PUC), the California State Contractors Licensing Board or any other public agency having jurisdiction.


Cost of Work: Unless stated in the permit, or a separate written agreement, the Permitee shall bear all costs incurred for work within the County right of way and waives all claims for indemnification or contribution from the County.


Labor Code Compliance: Prevailing Wage: If the work hereunder is performed by a contractor, the Permitee and its contractor shall comply with the provisions of Labor Code section 1720(a)(1).


Indemnification: Permitee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless County and County’s agents, board members, elected and appointed officials and officers, employees, volunteers and authorized representatives from any and all losses, liabilities, charges, damages, claims, liens, causes of action awards, judgments, costs, and expenses of whatever kind or nature, which arise out of or are in any way connected with any act or omission of permitte or permittee’s agents, contractors, sub-contractors of any tier, employees or authorized representatives.